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Our Story

Founded in 1974, we started out initially providing a microfilm service to companies looking for more efficient ways to manage their information.


In the early 1990s, we saw that digital workflows were the future and began to explore the opportunities and available technology.

Social Value

Hugh Symons is an organisation with a strong commitment to promoting social responsibility and social value.


We strive for continuous improvement in every area of our business including being a good and fair employer, acting ethically and operating as far as possible in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.


Quality Policy Statement

Hugh Symons Information Management (HSIM) is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to each of our customers, no matter how large or small.


This is of fundamental importance to the continued success of our company.

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GDPR, Security & Confidentiality

Hugh Symons processes highly confidential and sensitive data daily for a wide range of organisations including the NHS and other healthcare providers, Police forces, Local Authorities and Private Sector businesses.


Robust data security and confidentiality processes are implemented in every aspect of what we do.

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Standards & Accreditations

Information is the lifeblood of our organisation and we have developed our systems and procedures to meet the stringent standards demanded by most organisations.

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Legal Admissibility

“Will my scanned data stand up to legal scrutiny if challenged?”

“Can original documents be securely destroyed after they have been scanned and are the digital copies as good as having the originals if needed in any kind of litigation scenario?”


These are questions commonly asked by organisations looking into digitising their hard copy paperwork and they are important questions.

Working For Hugh Symons

At Hugh Symons Information Management we know that our success is a direct result of the work our people deliver.


We value and invest in our people to ensure they are provided with all the support they need to be successful in their careers with us.

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