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External Storage

Data Conversion


Many organisations have data on legacy systems that are no longer supported or have been superseded, and some may store data on portable media such as disc or DVD.

Managing data in multiple systems and formats is challenging in terms of accessibility, it can be time-consuming and poses risks relating to data security and GDPR - particularly concerning duplication of data and information becoming lost, forgotten or misplaced.


Hugh Symons offers a cost effective and secure conversion service to reformat data for upload into current back-office systems, local and cloud based, to help customers achieve a ‘single source of truth’ for their information. A central source of data is widely accepted as best practice for integrity, security and governance.

Our data conversion services are used by customers in the public and private sector, including Local Authorities and Healthcare organisations. Our extensive experience and expertise in handling data conversion requirements enables us to advise on the best options for your data in legacy systems or on physical media.

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