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Large Format Document Scanning

Hugh Symons uses a variety of industry-leading scanning hardware to process specific requirements, including large format documents. The definition of a ‘large format’ document is typically one that is bigger than A3 size, ie A2, A1 and A0 paperwork. However, large format could also be lengthy narrow documents such as an ECG or CCG trace from a hospital - there is a range of variation that constitutes ‘large format’ and Hugh Symons is highly experienced in dealing with all types of documents.

Our experience and expertise in scanning a wide variety of document types and sizes means we can advise on the best options for any large format or ‘oversize’ documents our customers want to digitise. With the ability to scan at a resolution up to 600 dpi, we can ensure that information on large format paperwork is output to the highest possible quality and legibility.

Large format documents we frequently scan include:

  • Plans and Drawings

  • ICU Charts

  • Plotting Sheets

  • Flipchart Pages

  • Maps

  • ECG Traces

  • CCG Traces

  • Seismographic Printouts

Many large format documents have lengthy or indefinite retention periods, use up a lot of floor space to store and can become damaged easily. Converting this type of paperwork to high quality digital data improves ongoing management, storage and access significantly. Contact us to find out more about the options for scanning large format documents in your organisation.

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