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Our Story

Founded in 1974, we started out initially providing a microfilm service to companies looking for more efficient ways to manage their information. In the early 1990s, we saw that digital workflows were the future and began to explore the opportunities and available technology.

This commitment to embracing innovation and investing in our business and people meant we were one of the very first British companies to see the potential of electronic document management, and in 1993 we shifted operations and purchased our first high volume document scanners.

We have expanded rapidly and now have more than 160 highly skilled and dedicated information management staff. A higher than average staff retention rate is not only testament to the way that we look after our greatest asset to the business, but also highly beneficial to our customers whose requirements are serviced by a knowledgeable and experienced team to achieve successful outcomes on projects we are involved in.

From our secure scanning facilities in the north and south of England we provide high quality services to customers throughout Great Britain. Over the years, we have reinvested in our business and acquired the latest cutting-edge hardware and software to ensure our clients have access to an unrivalled service.

Hugh Symons has also diversified its range of information management services to include High Volume and Large Format Document Scanning, On Demand Scanning, Microfilm Scanning, Data Conversion, Digital Mailroom, Electronic Document Management Systems, Secure Storage, Secure Destruction and Consultancy.

As a responsible business we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and in 2019 installed solar panels which generate up to 60% of our power and electric vehicle charging points for staff and visitor usage. Our logistics team plan collection schedules to maximise vehicle capacities and minimise time spent on the road, and 99% of the documents we scan are securely destroyed and recycled.

The COVID-19 situation has created unprecedented challenges for everyone globally but due to the nature of the ‘essential’ NHS health records scanning and Digital Mailroom services that we offer, we have remained fully operational throughout this crisis, ensuring continued support for the critical services our clients in key areas provide.


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