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Secure Destruction

Where required, Hugh Symons offers a secure destruction service for the original documents that have been digitised. Following a period of time when customers undertake their own validation checks on output data, we will request written authorisation to securely destroy original files and documents. Destruction will not take place until we have written customer approval to proceed.

Once approved for destruction, boxes containing the original documents are fed into industrial shredders in line with the requirements of BSEN 15713, the NHS and most Local Authorities. The shredded paper is baled and sent to UK mills for pulping and recycling, and a destruction certificate is provided to customers to close audit loops.

Secure Storage

Hugh Symons’ southern and northern premises are Police Approved Secure Facilities (PASF) and are used to store physical customer data pre-scanning or for longer term storage requirements (which may also include scan-on-demand services). We store customer data in paper formats and also microfiche, microfilm and physical media (i.e., DVD, disc).

A barcoded system is used to record and track the movement of all customer records received for digitisation and / or storage as part of our auditing processes. We are able to pinpoint the whereabouts of boxes to specific storage locations using a bespoke production management control system – this facilitates file or box retrieval requests and enables us to manage our storage capacity effectively and efficiently.

For more information on the secure storage options we can provide, please get in touch.

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