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Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning

Many organisations retain large amounts of data on microfilm or microfiche, which can present various challenges:

  • Microfilm equipment (readers and reader printers) is increasingly difficult to source.

  • Spare parts and consumables are becoming less available.

  • Staff knowledge on how to operate microfilm equipment can be lost.

  • Cabinets holding microfilm take up valuable space.

  • Microfilm will degrade over time, posing a GDPR risk.

Digital Solutions

Digitising microfilm future proofs the information contained on them while giving all the extra benefits that electronic records offer: no specialist equipment needed, easy to access, increased security, simple to back up, full control and audit tracking.

We offer a range of flexible scanning solutions to fit budgets and timeframes:

  • Scan on Demand: send us the microfilm you need to access and we will scan and return them as soon as you need them, even the same day.

  • Storage with Scan on Demand: let us store your microfilm, then simply request any you need and we will scan and return them, again same day if required.

  • Backlog Scanning: we will scan your microfilm legacy over a period to fit your timeframes and budget.

Hugh Symons offers a service for scanning historic micro-formats of all types including:

  • 16mm film and fiche.

  • 35mm film and fiche.

  • Combination fiche.

  • COM fiche.

  • Aperture cards.

Scanned images can be output in all standard file formats for upload to Electronic Document Records Management (EDRM) systems.

Bespoke Solutions​


  • We currently store microfilm libraries for Councils, covering Planning, Building Control and Social Services records and offer a scan on demand service with 24-hour turnaround.

  • Tens of thousands of microfilmed insurance records are held in our secure storage facilities with daily requests scanned and returned, sometimes under a same day SLA.

  • Archive patient records in both 16mm jacket and roll film formats are scanned and imported into electronic patient record systems for hospitals across the UK.

  • Hundreds of thousands of microfilmed pension records are held in fireproof safes at our secure facility. A scan on demand service allows customers to access their information from anywhere in the UK and beyond.

  • Large format documents (drawings and plans) held in 35mm microfilm jacket format are digitised on demand for access and editing in customer electronic systems.

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